In February of this year, I’ll be reading at “Post Valentine’s Day – the Dominion Reading Series” at Cafe Deux Soleils (Feb15) and the On Edge Reading Series at Emily Carr (Feb23). If you’re in Vancouver, it would be great to see you at one or the other (or both even!)




A big thanks to Hannah Foulger for doing a write up of my walkabout in Winnipeg:

Before we officially begin, Kevin Spenst sits amidst this flurry of excited patrons, at a corner table, writing. His pen flows up and down the page with staccato impulse. He scrawls line after line, when a thought occurs to him, and he jumps back to the first, peeling out and scratching off this new poem to set off our Poetry Walkabout. Conversation floats over top and around this new incarnation, as we wait, talking, sipping and occasionally shooting a furtive glance in the direction of our guide-poet.

For the full report check out the Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival blog


My fifty-venue reading tour begins with eleven readings with twenty poets across Vancouver in one day on April 16. I’ll kick off each reading with one poem and introduce you to some of Vancouver’s most tender and tenacious talents!

poetry crawl vancouver


10:30 GRUNT– Jordan Abel and Shazia Hafiz Ramji

11:15 WINSOR–Ray Hsu and Matea Kulic

1:00 Hogan’s Alley – Timothy Shay and Elena Johnson

1:40 221A – Bren Simmers and Jeff Steudel

2:10 EL KARTEL – Jennifer Zilm

2:30 Untitled Gallery – Geoffrey Nilson and Shannon Rayne

3:05 Gallery Gachet Leah Horlick and Elee Kraljii Gardiner

3:40 Artspeak – Cecily Nicholson and Mariner Janes

4:10 URBAN ABORIGINAL – Jónína Kirton and Joanne Arnott

4:40 OR GALLERY – Ben Rawluk and Margret Bollerup

7:00 THE PAPER HOUND Kevin Spenst and Raoul Fernandes


The official launch for Ignite is April 20th at the Heatley with Elee Kraljii Gardiner who will be launching Serpentine Loop, her first book with Anvil Press. Rumour has it they might be mixing special drinks for that evening revolving around the themes of fire and ice.




October 22nd 7:00PM at the People’s Co-op Bookstore with Jeff Steudel and Rodney Decroo (Vancouver, B.C.)

November 4th at 6:30-8:30PM with Heidi Greco, Olive Caldwell Lee and Rose Seiler Scott at Guildford Public Library (Surrey, BC)

November 6th at 7:30PM with Jeff Steudel at Left Bank Books Collective (Seattle, Washington)

November 7th at Wordstock Lit-Crawl (Portland, Oregon) ((details to follow))

August 19th – Renaissance Books (New Westminster, BC)

August 26th – Lonsdale Quay Market (North Vancouver, BC)

September 3rd – Saltspring Island Library (Saltspring Island, BC)

September 17th – Lucky’s Comics with Owen Plummer (Vancouver, BC)

September 19th – Free Range Poetry on the Spot with Renee Saklikar at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market (Vancouver, BC)

September 21st – Pulp Fiction with Elizabeth Ross and Elena Johnson (Main Street location Vancouver, BC)

September 27th – Word Vancouver (I’ll be reading, giving a workshop and then sitting behind a table making chapbooks the rest of the day with Raoul Fernandes)


June 17 at Lunch Poem Reading Series Simon Fraser University (Harbour Centre) at 12:00 with Louis Calbri

June 17 Hands Held in Poetry with Bonnie Nish and Jude Neal at the Cottage Bistro doors at 7:00 and readings to start at 7:30

May 23rd, 2015

The tour is at an end. A big thank you to everyone who came out. Here’s a fast forward through the fifty venues for Jabbering with Bing Bong.




10:00 Owen Plummer’s Place with Andrew McEwan (DM me for his address)

11:00 Equinox Gallery with Jennifer Zilm & Shazia Hafiz Ramji

11:35 Monte Clark Gallery with Jeremy Stewart from Prince George and Niki Koulouris from Toronto!

12:15 grunt gallery with Jordan Abel and Mariner Janes

1:00 Hot Art Wet City with Matea Kulic and Geoff Nilson

2:00 KOBOB BURGER with Ray Hsu

3-4:30 Vancouver Public Library – Central Branch with Raoul Fernandes and Elena Johnson

4:45 Or Gallery with Ben Rawluk and Leah Horlick!

5:30 Satellite Gallery with Margaret Bollerup and Lucie Krajcova

7:00 Paper Hound Bookshop with Bren Simmers



April 13, 2015

My fifty venue reading tour of the province begins today at Hogan’s Alley Cafe. The fun continues through the week and next week will bring the official launch at the Railway Club on Thursday April 23rd. For the full tour check out my map for Jabbering with BC.



May 15th, 2014

Here’s the list of readings this Saturday for the poetry-crawl through Vancouver:

Equinox Gallery: 11:00 with Jennifer Zilm and Taryn Hubbard (525 Great Northern Way)

Monte Clark Gallery: 11:30 with Kevin Rowe and Matea Kuli?.

Winsor Gallery: 12:15 with Mariner Janes, Jordan Abel and Shannon Rayne

grunt gallery: 1:00 with Andrew McEwan

Vancouver Public Library 2:00 to 2:50 with Ray Hsu, andrea bennett and Leanne Dunic

Carnegie Centre: 3:00-4:00 with Anne Hopkinson, Henry Doyle and James McLean

Or Bookstore: 4:30 with fictionaut and poet Ben Rawluk!

Satellite Gallery: 5:00 with Margaret Bollerup

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop:  5:45 with Raoul Fernandes

the Paper Hound Bookshop 344 W Pender St: 7:00 with Cecily Nicholson

Or here’s a link to this Saturday’s poetry crawl through Vancouver.  If you want to know more about my 100-venue chapbook tour of the country, here’s a media mishmash of blogging (myself and others) and interviews from my tour across the country: my first day in Victoria, pop-up poetry on planes, Angeline Schellenberg’s blog about our day together in Winnipeg, in the news in Winnipeg, on CBC radio in Montreal, poetry bombing Ottawa, on the radio in Ottawa, on Books for Breakfast on the radio in Guelph, (click play on May 1).

April 20th,

Here’s some blogging by my friend Angeline Shellenberg about our day together (venues 30-36) in Winnipeg (with some great shots from her husband Anthony). Of course, the chapbook tour started in the warmth of Victoria and was followed by a chilly Calgary. (which I blogged about for Broken Pencil). I’m currently in Montreal about to read at Monastiraki! Stay tuned for more. (or check out the map below)

View  Small Books, Big Country on a larger map

In April and May of 2014, I will be crossing the country for a 100-venue reading tour through bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, art galleries, various reading series, one dentist’s waiting room, the University of Toronto and an alternative elementary school. I’ll be sharing work from a sequence of sonnets found in Pray Goodbye (the Alfred Gustav Press, 2013), the Surrey Sonnets (JackPine Press, 2014) more experimental work from retractable (serif of nottingham, 2013), some “vispo” in What the Frag Meant (100 tetes press, 2014), Snap (Pooka Press), poems from my self-published collection Happy Hollow and the Surrey Suite (2012) and small books that I’ll be making and writing over the course of the tour. (Yes, I can make a bona fide book in under one minute!)

Over the course of the tour I’ll be reading with Russell Thornton, Jan Conn, Juleta Severson-Baker, Micheline Maylor, Nikki Reimer, Jason Christie, Ariel Gordon, Angeline Schellenberg, Fionncara MacEoin, Annie Deeley, Brian Campbell, Pearl Pirie, Sneha Madhavan-Reese, Michael e. Casteels, Gary Barwin, Amy Kenny, Benny Langedyk, Phoebe Wang, Shane Neilson, Madhur Anand, Amelia Meister, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Catherine Owen, Jillian Christmas, Jennifer Zilm, Taryn Hubbard, Kevin Rowe, Matea Kuli, Mariner Janes, Jordan Abel, Shannon Rayne, Anne Hopkins, Ray Hsu, Leanne Ogg, Andrea Bennett, Ben Rawluk, Margaret Bollerup and Cecily Nicholson (among others!)

Here’s my latest videopoem that’s on my Youtube Channel Small Books, Big Country:



 Chapbook Tour of Canada (2014)

This just in… Next April 12th, I kick off my chapbook tour of Canada in Victoria. Other cities I’ll hit include Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Guelph, Montreal, Halifax and Saint Johns. More to details to follow.

Chapbooks AKA “lytle books” or in pre-TP times “bum fodder”


My next poetry reading will be with the lovely and talented Renee Saklikar and Taryn Hubbard on March 3rd at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster. More details at the Poetic Justice website. Hope to see you there!



Sunday December 16th, 2013
Pandora’s Collective Presents
With Features Fiona Lam + Raoul Fernandes and their special guests Evelyn Lau, Russell Thornton, Kevin Spenst, Jen Currin and Elee Kraljii Gardiner. This evening is also a Fundraiser of stockings for families in need for Christmas!! See details below. Fiona Lam is donating her book to the first 10 people in the audience to bring stockings to this event.

Besides a great evening of words this will be a fundraiser for Christmas for children I directly with. We are asking you to bring stockings with the following items or if you don’t want to bring a full stocking please bring some of the items listed below. Bonnie
Ages and number of children we are collecting Stockings for Males 17-1, 12-5, 11-2, 10-3, 9-3, 5-1
Girls 16-1, 12-1, 11-1, 10-1, 7-1, 4-2
Possible Items for Stockings: Gloves(Dollar stores have these stretch gloves in all colours for a loonie) Jacks ( the game), Nail Polish, Hair Brushes, Hair Ties, Combs, Small stuffed animals. Small toys or books. Use your imagination!! These are children who have virtually nothing.

Suggested Donation: $5.00 at the door.
Hosts: Bonnie Nish and Daniela Elza
Time: 7pm-9:00pm
Location: The Cottage Bistro
4468 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2
Music to follow Twisted Poets. All are welcome to stay.


My chapbook, Happy Hollow and the Surrey Suite, is now out! If you live in Vancouver you can get a copy at the People’s Co-op Bookstore. If you live on Pender Island you can get a copy at Talisman Books and Company. More outlets to follow. (and you can always email me for a copy)

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