jabbering with bing bong

I have a full-length collection of poetry that’s been called “fearless, attentively probing, and sonically sharp.” It’s out in the world! If you’re interested in having it in your hands, mosey over to Anvil Press with me.

Here’s an extract from Michael Dennis’ review at Today’s Book of Poetry

Crystal Gayle is whisper-crooning the Tom Waits’ classic “Take Me Home” and the lake is as quiet and still as bathwater in an bathtub. I’ve sent the entire staff off on a scavenger hunt into the woods with at least three impossible tasks. I expect them to be gone for hours.

Most likely they will find a quiet spot, sit and smoke bobo, tell each other lies.

Kevin Spenst’s Jabbering with bing bong is a little like Crystal Gayle singing Tom Waits. A beautiful clash-turn-cascade of juxtaposing cultures. Spenst has that distinct voice we recognize on first hearing, like Waits, like Gayle, unique and hauntingly familiar.

Pray Goodbye

At sixteen, I folded into prayer for the last back-
and-forth time in my basement bedroom with
one brick wall, and cheap wood siding
and a box-filled fireplace. It was midnight.
The cement floor, covered in carpet scraps,
was equally unseen and cold. The brick wall
stopped halfway, continuing as a ledge of its
lower self, a makeshift closet. An opening at
the end led you under musty clothes toward
a wooden door with a metal latch to a crawl
space under the stairs. A history of fear, of play.
Despite the darkness, my eyes were closed.
I can no longer believe in you, I prayed in bed,
If I’m wrong, I hope I find my way back.

These crisp missives chirp, chortle and chide and in no time at all Spenst has taken us around an unexpected corner. Spenst has a strangle hold on contemporary culture and the reader tied in knots with these dense little sausages packed to bursting with poetic meat. These poems have a great sense of wondrous play that disguise the shot to the brain Spenst has just knuckle-balled your way. He gains quick and slick access to the part of our brains that love poetry.

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2 thoughts on “jabbering with bing bong

  1. I heard you read at the Olympia in Surrey last weekend. How can I get a copy of Surrey Sonnets? – or jabbering with Bing Bong??

  2. Thanks for your interest. You can get Jabbering with Bing Bong at Black Bond Books in either Surrey Central Mall or the one on 24th (15562). It’s also available in Chapters Indigo in North Van, Vancouver and South Surrey. If you’re downtown Vancouver, I recommend it picking it up from either the Paper Hound Bookshop or Pulp Fiction. Surrey Sonnets you can order from the Jackpine Press website: https://jackpinepress.com/product/surrey-sonnets/ Cheers.

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